Supernatural 200th Episode Review: “Fan Fiction”

Source: Supernatural 200th Episode Review: “Fan Fiction”


Canonical Mantles


Canonically, there is this other responsibility that comes with certain job descriptions, with certain posts within certain industries. I call it “other” because I don’t think it’s ever written down anywhere as a hard and fast rule. And any rules that are written, fast lose context and meaning with the evolving demands of the world around us. Teachers, educators, jurists and law enforcement officers, priests, doctors, healers, counselors – these people, these designations, come with a responsibility. Those who step into these roles must go the extra mile for the people they serve. As a teacher, you cannot do wrong by your students. As a priest, you cannot misguide, even in the name of god. As a doctor, you try to heal the human assigned to you, not just whatever plagues that human.

Or so I believe it should be.

And then there’s the media, the entertainment industry. And believe me, if there’s anyone who gets what entertainment is all about, it’s me. I am the consummate consumer. So I know that selling the show is what it’s all about. But I also, very strongly, firmly, believe that creators, show-runners, filmmakers and any others in this field have to take up that unsaid, unwritten mantle. It’s old-fashioned, it’s dusty and forgotten, but it must never be completely abandoned. For nobody teaches like the media does, nobody preaches like the media does, nobody holds, victim and criminal alike, accountable, like the media can. This power, then, is remiss without the responsibility that canonically belongs with it. The right message must be sent. The right things taught. The right values and morals preached. And ALL wrong acts, thoughts and events condemned.

Which is why I am unshaken in my faith in, and support of, Destiel.

And if, IF AT ALL, ANYONE IN ANY POSITION OF “POWER”, IS READING THIS, then you must do your best towards achieving Destiel in canon. The world you and I live in cannot keep taking the blows it does. We are dark and twisted and so beyond redemption as a race. But there are tiny factions within each single soul that are still pure, still hopeful and yearning for that end-scene drive-into-the-sunset moment. We deserve that moment. We deserve the message such a thing would send to everybody out there who has had to live half-lives even in this “new and free” world of ours. And we DO NOT deserve plain old ratings-jonesing queer-baiting that will never see to the promise it barely dares breathe out loud.

Now as a geek and a fangirl, having your OTP come together in magical showers of sparkles and rainbows is actually NOT really tasteful at all. The truth is that that burning, one inch, unbridgeable, gap between our OTP characters in the canon is exactly what fuels our fanfiction engine. It’s what makes the ship burn and glow and expand uncontrollably. But show-makers know exactly what they’re doing. And SPN is so damn resourceful, clever and achingly poetic in each storyline it follows, each character it portrays, each dialogue that is delivered with such seeming ease. It wouldn’t take much at all to make the cruel, unfulfilled teasing between Dean and Cas into something a little less pathetic, a little more dignified and worthy of the faith and trust fans put into the show. Nobody’s asking for a happily-ever-after post credits scene with Winchesters, and Fallen Angel, and Lesbian Geek Prodigy Hacker, and whoever else, just soaking up domestic bliss. No.

All we ask for is a little less “slimy-intentions”, a little more honest-to-god actual canonical hinting.


Besides, Sam totally ships it.



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