I write a lot. – No kidding, genius. Where are these supposedly many writings of yours??

It tends to be mostly disjointed, random pieces of babble (sometimes I get lucky and, without even trying, the pieces add up). It made sense to me to gather a few of my better writings and works (read ‘less retching involved’) into one place.

(Especially now that I have the time and am pursuing a highly “academic” course like linguistics) – Urm, holding that degree now!

(As opposed to working in the film industry or interning or whatever)

Also, everything is a story. Everything. Either by chance or because I worked to insert myself into them, I am never short of tales, of splendid characters, or unforgettable moments and understated epics. And I can never shake off the patchwork quilt of stories that I am so tightly wrapped up in. Wouldn’t, even if I could.

Some more crap about me: I’m 24 – Yeah, now I’m turning 27 in a month. But on the positive side, nothing’s sagging. Yet. – and I’m a girl. I love everything from literature to art to philosophy to movies to fandoms to fanfiction to anime to manga….
(…comics, graphic novels, this list goes on. Yes, I’m a geek).

I recently lost my grandmother. First ever loss for me.

I recently lost my heart to someone. Another first. Neither ends well.

I used to work as a content writer for a digital marketing agency. Now, I’m learning ID.

I am trying, yet again, to be consistent with writing and updating this site of mine. Keep trying , eh?

I am also especially partial to Tea. – But I wouldn’t exactly say no to a mug of beer…


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